T. Camacho Sr. Elementary School was founded in 1934, situated in the barangay formerly called "Cadre" which means military reservations. It is located approximately three kilometers drive away from the city proper and has a total land area of 3,923 sq.m.
               The school consists of fifteen classes from Grades 1 to 6 and four classes of Kindergarten. It is supervised by a very  hardworking principal. It has twenty one teachers: one (1) Master Teacher, three (7) Teacher III, three (2) Teacher II, fifteen (9) Teacher I, and three (2) Kindergarten teachers. The enrollment consists of 442 males and 442 females for a total of 884 pupils from Kindergarten to Grade VI classes.
With the fast changing world of our society, especially in line of education which is the core of any significant change in life, T. Camacho Sr. Elementary School provides a wide range of activities involved in teaching and dealing with the SGC, PTCA, NGOs, LGUs and other stakeholders for the benefit of the clienteles. Thru their continuous support, cooperation & initiative, the school will maintain its high performance status. “In unity there is always strength and success.”